Passing KYC in BC.Game step by step

Account verification (KYC) is not always required, as you can make a deposit, play slots, and withdraw winnings without mandatory verification. However, when moderating particularly large winnings or suspicious activity, support may still ask you to verify your account.

Find out how to do it in less than an hour and get 100% verification.

How long does it take to moderate and verify an account

The KYC (Know Your Customer) verification protocol after registration with BC.Game acts as a key mechanism for authenticating the identity of its visitors, thereby mitigating the risks associated with illegal activities such as identity theft, money laundering, and other dishonest activities. Notwithstanding its paramount importance, the procedure can at times present hurdles, culminating in unsuccessful attempts attributable to prevalent oversights.

Owing to the rigor necessitated in the scrutiny of proffered credentials and data to align with regulatory benchmarks, the adjudication and validation tenure for an account can exhibit variability. Ordinarily, this interval might span from a handful of hours to a multiplicity of days, contingent upon the perspicuity of the documentation furnished, the aggregate of validation appeals in queue, and the potential requirement for supplementary data.

How to successfully pass KYC

Initiating the KYC (Know Your Customer) protocol at BC.Game embarks with a login to your dossier using your unique credentials. Here’s a stepwise elucidation to navigate this vital verification process:

  1. Ingress to your BC.Game dossier. Employ your credentials to access your account, commencing this critical journey.
  2. Voyage to settings. Post-login, detect the settings or account options, symbolized by your profile emblem, located in the upper right quadrant of the homepage.
  3. Locate the verification section. In the settings or account menu, search for a tab marked “Global Settings”. A click here unveils the KYC verification portal.
  4. Commence the KYC. The “Global Settings” page delineates the requisite steps for verification, partitioned into document upload (Personal Verification) and information submission (Security) segments, alongside specific directives for each necessary document.

KYC procedure

  1. Input fundamental data. Input your name, birth date, and domicile address as they precisely appear on your identification documents.
  2. Propagate a valid government-issued ID. Upload a scan or a distinct snapshot of a valid government-issued identification, such as a passport, driver’s license, or national identity card, ensuring all pivotal details are visible.
  3. Furnish proof of residence. Submit a document validating your abode, like a utility invoice, bank declaration, or official government missive, dated within the trio of preceding months, showcasing your name and address.
  4. Upload a selfie with ID and note. Snap a self-portrait holding your ID and a handwritten note stating “BC.Game”, your username, and the date.

After submission

  1. Review and submit. Prior to submission, scrutinize all documents and information for precision and clarity.
  2. Anticipate verification. BC.Game will evaluate your submission. This scrutiny could extend from a few hours to several days, influenced by the queue.
  3. Monitor for updates. Stay vigilant for any communications or requisitions for additional information via your email and BC.Game account.
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Common mistakes in KYC verification at BC.Game

  • Predominant errors in inscribing essential details such as nomenclature, date of genesis, and abode encompass the dissemination of spurious information, negligence in completing fields, or the occurrence of typographical inaccuracies, each possessing the capacity to impede or nullify the verification process.
  • Common lapses at stage uploading a valid, government-endorsed identification entail the submission of defunct IDs, nebulous images, or the proffering of nonconforming identification types, such as manually inscribed national ID cards or those materialized on paper medium.
  • The imperative of tendering proof of domicile, via recent (within the last trio of months) utility invoices or fiscal institution statements, emerges as another domain fraught with potential errata. Occasionally, users proffer antiquated documents or fail to present those that unequivocally exhibit both their appellation and residential coordinates.
  • The requisite for a self-captured image, clutching one’s ID alongside a handwritten billet featuring “BC.Game,” the user’s alias, and the immediate date, frequently encounters commonplace blunders. These include the obfuscated display of the ID and note or the veiling of facial traits with adjuncts such as spectacles or headgear. This imagery is pivotal in affirming the user’s identity and ensuring the consistency of information across disparate documents.


Can I withdraw my winnings without completing KYC verification on BC.Game?

At BC.Game, the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process stands as an essential criterion for withdrawing your winnings. This stipulation is aligned with regulatory norms designed to counteract fraudulent activities, money laundering, and to verify that all participants are of legal age for gambling. Should you endeavor to initiate a withdrawal sans the completion of KYC verification, your transaction may be suspended or outright rejected, prompting you to fulfill the verification requirements. It’s judicious to undertake KYC verification promptly, thus averting any potential impediments during the withdrawal phase.

What should I do if I encounter problems uploading my KYC documents to BC.Game?

Encountering hurdles while uploading KYC documents to BC.Game can be disconcerting. Here are several troubleshooting strategies to consider: Ascertain that the documents conform to the platform’s stipulated format and size specifications, typically requiring clear scans or photos in JPG or PNG formats. A robust internet connection is pivotal for successful file uploads. If the document’s size exceeds the permissible limit, endeavor to reduce it, ensuring the document remains clear and legible. Persisting issues should be documented via screenshots of any error prompts or complications, and forwarded to BC.Game’s customer support, alongside a comprehensive description of the issue for expedited resolution.

What steps should I follow if my KYC verification fails at BC.Game?

Should your KYC verification at BC.Game not culminate successfully, adhere to the ensuing protocol: Initiate by scrutinizing the feedback rendered by BC.Game, which usually elucidates the rationale behind the rejection. Verify that all documents submitted are in compliance with the required standards—ensuring they are valid, discernible, and comprehensive, with all pertinent data clearly visible. Reassess the documents for validity, particularly the expiry dates on identification documents and the issuance dates on proof of residence papers to confirm their recency. Upon rectifying any discrepancies or if further elucidation is necessitated regarding the unsuccessful submission, engage BC.Game’s customer support for bespoke support. They are equipped to offer precise instructions on rectifying your submission for successful verification.

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