Registration at BC.Game step by step

To register for BC.Game, you just need to make a few clicks. Choose a registration method - via Gamil, phone number, e-mail, or social media. Don't forget to confirm your registration by email.

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How to get a 300% bonus for the first registration

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  1. Initiate account creation at BC.Game. This typically entails furnishing details such as your email address, concocting a password, and possibly undergoing an email verification step to fortify your account’s security.
  2. Promptly access the deposit interface. Post-registration, make your way to the deposit segment located within the account dashboard. Considering the promotion’s time-bound nature, it is prudent to pre-select your preferred cryptocurrency or payment medium in anticipation of this step.
  3. Elect your deposit currency. BC.Game welcomes a variety of cryptocurrencies among other payment methods. It is imperative to acquaint yourself with the minimum deposit threshold requisite for the 300% bonus eligibility.
  4. Execute your deposit posthaste. Within the critical 7-minute window post-registration, proceed to transfer your chosen cryptocurrency from your digital wallet to the unique deposit address furnished by BC.Game, or utilize an alternative payment method provided on the platform.
  5. Bonus accreditation. Following the successful completion of your deposit within the designated time frame, anticipate the automatic crediting of the 300% bonus to your account, in adherence to the stipulations prescribed by BC.Game for this promotion.
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How to register at BC.Game 

  1. Navigate to BC.Game. Use the BC.Game logo or the mobile version’s navigation menu (symbolized by three horizontal lines or dots) to reach the homepage.
  2. Find the registration button. Look for a “Sign Up” or “Register” button, typically located in the top right corner of the homepage, and click it to start the registration.
  3. Complete verification steps. After choosing your registration method, follow any additional prompts for verification, such as email confirmation or captcha completion, to secure your account.Seize the Welcome 
  4. Bonus. Post-registration, dive into the welcome bonuses. Remember, making your first deposit within 7 minutes of registering qualifies you for a 300% bonus.


  1. Opt for speed. If immediacy is what you seek, the one-click registration is your go-to. It bypasses the manual entry of details.
  2. Initiate one-click registration. Look for and select the one-click registration icon.
  3. Account creation. Your login credentials are auto-generated. It’s crucial to record your username and password as provided.

By e-mail

  1. Prefer email. Select this method for a traditional sign-up approach, aiding in password recovery and verification.
  2. Input details. Enter a valid email and a strong password.
  3. Verify email. Check your email for a confirmation link from BC.Game. Click it to verify your account and finalize registration.

By phone number

  1. Mobile direct link. Choose this method to associate your account directly with your mobile for enhanced recovery options and security alerts.
  2. Supply your number. Enter your phone number to receive an SMS verification code.
  3. Verification. Input the received code to verify your phone and complete the registration.

Via social networks

  1. Socially connected. Opt for this route if you prefer leveraging your social media for expedited sign-up.
  2. Select your network. Choose the icon of your desired social media platform.
  3. Grant permissions. You’ll be redirected to authorize BC.Game to access your social profile for registration. Follow through with the prompts to finish the process.

How to register via the mobile application

What this means is that to the Android user who is looking to their BC.Game experience through an easily accessible mobile shortcut and to the iOS enthusiast who would love to have BC.Game a tap away, here is how you may do that in essence of “installing” BC.Game on your devices like a mobile app:

Android instructions

  1. Open your web browser. Use Google Chrome or your preferred browser on your Android device for optimal compatibility.
  2. Navigate to BC.Game. Enter the BC.Game website URL in your browser to access the main page.
  3. Quick access setup. While on the BC.Game site, tap the browser menu button at the top right (usually three dots or gear icon). Scroll to click “Add to Home screen.” This will prompt you to give the shortcut a name. Finalize by tapping “Add,” and the shortcut will be established on your home screen.
  4. Using BC.Game. The new shortcut gives you an easy way to browse BC.Game either from your browser or just by using the BC.Game app, hence browsing to your favorite gambling site is easy. You are all set.
  5. Manage your account Simply log in with your existing BC.Game’s credentials, or register directly through the mobile site for you to start taking hold of your gaming journey.

iOS instructions

  1. Launch safari. Start Safari on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Safari is preferred to be used during the process of adding web shortcuts to your iOS Home screen.
  2. Visit BC.Game. Use Safari to go to the BC.Game website by entering its URL.
  3. Shortcut on home screen. Tap the icon with the box and the upward arrow at the bottom of the Safari window. Scroll through the icons until you see “Add to Home Screen,” then tap it. Name the shortcut when prompted and then tap “Add” at the top right corner of the dialog.
  4. Shortcut. BC.Game now gets a spot that looks just like an app on your Home Screen and offers fast site access from Safari with just a tap whenever the gaming itch kicks in.
  5. Account management. If the user has an account in BC.Game from the registration time, then easily they can log in with the already-possessed credentials. New users are welcome to sign up through the mobile site to get started.

KYC verification

There is one very essential protocol, which is KYC (Know Your Customer) verification that BC.Game, like most of the online gaming sites, sees its part in encouraging a secure and regulation-compliant gambling ecosystem.

  • Fraud-deterrence. KYC is an identification of some of the fraudulent practices that can be taken against the ecosystem and puts a mechanism to mitigate them.
  • Compliance with legal compliance. Global regulative entities prescribe KYC in order to counteract any laundering of money and financing of terrorism. BC.Game ensures the utmost compliance with such statutory requisites that prescribe KYC.
  • Identity authentication in BC.Game provides a sure gaming milieu, protects players, shields minors, and thwarts any form of identity theft.
  • Ensuring a safe financial atmosphere. BC.Game applies KYC practices to ensure the safety of player assets and smooth withdrawal from the platform.
  1. Profile access. Sign into your BC.Game account and proceed to your profile or the designated KYC verification segment.
  2. Furnish personal information. Populate the form with personal information as prompted, typically encompassing their name, birth date, and residential address.
  3. Document submission. Proof of identity and proof of domicile would be required at the time of asking for issuance. Proof of Identity Government-issued document (Passport, Driver’s License, National ID) containing his name, date of birth, photograph, expiry date of the document.
  4. Proof of address. Utility bill, bank statement, or an official document confirming your name and reflecting the current address, usually not older than 3 months.
  5. Selfie verification. In some cases, even advanced verification includes a selfie with your ID document. For example, even the advanced verification on the BC.Game site is done through a selfie with your ID.
  6. Wait for the confirmation. BC.Game will get back to you at once after verifying your KYC request. It may take a few days as the team from BC.Game verifies its correctness and authenticity. The result of KYC will be sent via email.

Registration problems and their solutions

Navigating through registration complications at BC.Game can be a tad vexing, yet, many of the quandaries encountered are resolvable with some straightforward fixes. Below are elucidations for common registration predicaments along with their solutions:

No Confirmation Letter

Issue. Post-registration, the absence of a confirmation email obstructs the finalization of the account verification.

  • Inspect spam/junk folder. Confirmation communications may inadvertently be sorted into your spam or junk folders. A thorough check here is advised.
  • Patience is key. Email dispatches can experience delays. Allowing some time for the email to arrive is often fruitful.
  • Resend option. Seek an alternative on BC.Game to resend the confirmation email, typically found within the registration or login sections.
  • Accuracy in email entry. Double-check the correctness of your email address input during the signup process. Errors necessitate re-registration with the accurate email.
  • Engage customer support. Should these measures prove ineffective, BC.Game’s customer support is at your disposal for assistance.

Blocked Access

Issue. Encountering access restrictions to your account or the BC.Game site might be due to regional limitations or IP-related hindrances.

  • VPN utilization. For regions where BC.Game is operational but access issues persist, a VPN could be a solution. Opt for a reputable VPN provider, mindful of BC.Game’s stance on VPN usage.
  • Browser cache clearance. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies might rectify access dilemmas.
  • Mirror sites. BC.Game’s alternative domains like,, or can offer seamless access.
  • Customer support consultation. Uncertainties about the nature of the blockage can be clarified and possibly resolved by reaching out to customer support.

Problems with 2FA

Issue. Challenges in activating or logging in with two-factor authentication (2FA), including non-receipt of 2FA codes or misplacement of the 2FA device.

  • Application synchronization. Verify that your 2FA app (such as Google Authenticator) is synchronized accurately. Desynchronization can invalidate the codes.
  • Anticipate SMS delays. For SMS-based 2FA, non-receipt of codes can often be attributed to network issues. A brief wait before retrying can sometimes be effective.
  • Safeguard backup codes. During 2FA setup, securely store the provided backup codes, which are indispensable for account recovery in the event of losing access to your 2FA device.
  • Support engagement. Loss of your 2FA device or encountering other 2FA issues necessitates contacting BC.Game’s support. Be ready to undergo identity verification procedures as required.

What data can be changed after registration

Upon your initiation into the BC.Game sanctuary, while an abundance of your account details are malleable to reflect shifts in your personal narratives or preferences, it is of paramount importance to acknowledge the immutability of certain core facets—namely, your email address and User ID, once registration is consummated. This protocol is rigorously maintained to fortify account security and preserve its uniqueness, assuring that every account steadfastly correlates to its creator.

A blueprint for modifying amenable data

  • Account access. Employ your established credentials to gain entry into your BC.Game account.
  • Navigate to account settings. Scout for a section labeled as “Global Settings”.
  • Initiate information alteration: Pinpoint the specific area dedicated to the detail you wish to modify (e.g., password, payment modalities) and follow the stipulated directives for amendment.
  • Verification of alterations. Ensure the retention of all adjustments. You may be solicited to authenticate the changes via email or 2FA, as a mechanism to bolster security protocols.

Data cannot be changed

  • Email address. The email employed at the juncture of registration is indelibly associated with your account, serving pivotal roles in recovery operations, security notifications, and the conveyance of imperative communiqués from BC.Game.
  • User ID. Emblematic of your unique existence within the BC.Game, this identifier is set in stone upon account creation, encapsulating your account’s identity.

Attributes amenable to post-registration amendments

  • Password. Facilitating the overhaul of your password through account settings is permissible, be it for security amplification or in instances of forgetfulness.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) settings. Modifications aimed at augmenting your account’s defense mechanism or tweaking your 2FA blueprint can be actioned within the security configurations.
  • Payment preferences. The portfolio of payment channels deployed for deposits and withdrawals is susceptible to augmentation, deletion, or alteration as deemed necessary.
  • Cryptocurrency addresses. The integration of fresh cryptocurrency addresses for withdrawal purposes or the modification of pre-existing ones is viable.
  • Personal data. Select personal information facets, such as your domicile address or telephonic number (given their initial provision and BC.Game’s consent for modifications), are generally updatable within your profile configurations.

How to write to customer support at BC.Game

BC.Game is celebrated for its robust customer support ecosystem, meticulously crafted to swiftly and efficiently address the diverse array of challenges that players may encounter. Offering a spectrum of support channels, BC.Game ensures that assistance is readily accessible, catering to various user preferences. Here’s a detailed exploration of the customer support and help services available at BC.Game:

24/7 Live Chat Support

  • Immediate assistance. The live chat feature stands as the most expedient avenue for support, accessible directly on the BC.Game website. It facilitates real-time interaction with a member of the support team, poised to offer aid with a vast array of inquiries, spanning from account management to gameplay nuances.

Email Support

  • In-depth communication. For queries that necessitate comprehensive explanations or entail submission of documents, BC.Game’s email support channel is ideal. Players can articulate their concerns or pose questions via email, ensuring a documented trail of their interactions with the support team, beneficial for intricate issues or for future reference.

Social Media and Community Forums

  • Collective insight. Embracing the power of social media and community forums, BC.Game extends its support network onto platforms like Telegram. This avenue encourages players to engage in dialogues, exchange insights, and seek advice, not solely from BC.Game representatives but also from the broader player community. This collaborative approach enriches the support system with a multitude of perspectives and engenders a sense of belonging among participants.

FAQ and Help Center

  • Self-service resource. For individuals inclined towards self-guided problem-solving, the BC.Game FAQ and Help Center stands as a comprehensive repository of knowledge. Encompassing a wide array of subjects from account setup, financial transactions, bonus policies, to game rules and technical troubleshooting, the FAQs aim to furnish prompt and clear resolutions to commonly encountered questions and challenges.


Can I have multiple accounts on BC.Game?

At BC.Game, the principle of maintaining a singular account per user is a core policy aimed at preserving the integrity and fairness of the platform. This rule helps prevent the exploitation of system loopholes, such as bonus manipulation or gaining undue advantages. It’s crucial for users to adhere to this policy to circumvent any breaches of BC.Game’s terms of service, which might trigger sanctions like account suspension or permanent banning. Should there be a compelling justification for establishing another account, engaging with customer support for counsel and direction on navigating the platform’s regulations is advisable.

Can I register at BC.Game without using my real name?

Regarding the registration process, while BC.Game might not necessitate the provision of your real name at the outset, especially for users transacting with cryptocurrencies, it’s pivotal to recognize the eventual requirement for additional personal details. This measure aligns with security protocols, regulatory compliance, and the smooth facilitation of withdrawal verifications. Ensuring the accuracy of such information is imperative, particularly for the KYC verification process, to avert complications regarding account access or fund withdrawals.

What happens if I enter incorrect information during registration?

In instances where incorrect information is furnished during registration, immediate action to rectify such errors is essential. Inaccurate details can precipitate complications in account verification, financial transactions, and might lead to account limitations. Should inaccuracies be detected post-registration, reaching out to customer support without delay for rectification is recommended. Be prepared to provide verification documents for amending sensitive personal details, underscoring the platform’s commitment to safeguarding your account’s security.

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