All contacts of BC.Game in the Philippines

BC.Game support in the Philippines is available around the clock. You can contact them directly through the live chat on the website, as well as via Telegram, e-mail, and social networks.


Contact TypeDetails
Support Email[email protected]
Telegram Group@bcgamewin
Live ChatAvailable 24/7 on the website
DiscordJoin BC.Game on Discord
FacebookBC.Game Official Facebook
GithubBC.Game Github Repository
Bitcoin ForumBC.Game Discussion on Bitcointalk
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For an instant response

For instant support or responses, utilizing online chat features on the platform, or reaching out through dedicated communication channels like Telegram and Discord, can be highly effective. 

Online chat

  • Advantages. Directly integrated into the platform, offering seamless access to support without leaving the website. It often features quick response times and can handle a wide range of queries efficiently.
  • How to use. Look for a chat icon or “Support” button on the website, located at the bottom right corner. Click on it and start typing your question or concern.


  • Advantages. Offers a mobile and desktop app for convenience, allowing users to receive notifications and respond on the go. It’s useful for real-time discussions and can provide access to a broader community for shared experiences or advice.
  • How to use. Join the official Telegram group or channel of the service by searching for it within the Telegram app or by following a direct link provided by the service. Once joined, you can start chatting or ask questions directly.


  • Advantages. Popular among online communities, offering structured channels for various topics, making it easier to find information or ask questions in the right context. It supports both text and voice communication.
  • How to use. Access requires an invite link to the server or finding the server on Discord. Once you’ve joined the server, navigate to the appropriate channel for support or general queries, and you can begin to interact with the community or support staff.

For suggestions and detailed descriptions

For conveying suggestions, providing detailed descriptions of issues, or initiating more formal communications, email is an excellent medium. 

  • Documentation. Email provides a clear, time-stamped record of conversations, which is invaluable for tracking the history of interactions, suggestions, or any issues raised.
  • Attachment capabilities. You can attach files, screenshots, and documents to your email, providing crucial evidence or clarification that supports your message or query.
  • Thoughtful composition. Unlike instant messaging, email gives you the time to carefully craft your message, organize your thoughts, and revise your content before sending.

For public complaints and feedback – BC.Game social networks

Below is a table detailing BC.Game‘s official social networks, complete with brief descriptions for each to help users understand what to expect from following or joining these channels:

DiscordBC.Game (Invite Link Required)Join HereA dynamic community space for real-time chat and support, ideal for engaging with fellow players.
Facebook@bcgameofficialVisit PageFollow for updates, promotions, and community interaction in a widely used social platform.
Twitter@BCGameOfficialFollowGet the latest news, updates, and tweet your experiences and feedback directly.
Instagram@bc.gameofficialFollowVisual platform for updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and more engaging content.
GitHubbcgame-projectView ProjectsFor tech enthusiasts and developers interested in BC.Game’s projects and contributions.
Bitcoin TalkBC.Game Discussion (Topic: 5088875.0)Join DiscussionA forum for detailed discussions, feedback, and insights into BC.Game with the crypto community.
Telegram@bcgamewinJoin GroupA fast and convenient way to receive support, join discussions, and connect with the BC.Game team.

What issues does BC.Game support solve

BC.Game’s support ecosystem is meticulously crafted to adeptly navigate a wide array of player concerns and inquiries, ensuring a fluid and gratifying gaming journey for all participants. The platform’s proficient support team is prepared to tackle various issues, thereby enriching the user experience:

  • Account-related assistance. Support encompasses aid with account creation, navigating login hurdles, managing authentication protocols, and fortifying accounts against unauthorized breaches.
  • Transactions guidance. The team offers assistance in streamlining deposits and withdrawals, addressing transactional delays, and resolving financial transaction issues involving both fiat and cryptocurrencies.
  • Gameplay support. Queries concerning game rules, operational directives for specific games, and rectifying game interruptions or technical glitches are thoroughly addressed.
  • Bonuses and promotions clarification. The team provides clarifications on the stipulations of bonuses and promotional endeavors, guidance on claiming them, and assistance with unresolved bonus issues.
  • Responsible gaming advocacy. Support extends to disseminating information and tools for players aiming to regulate their gaming activities, including mechanisms for setting financial ceilings, self-exclusion alternatives, and counsel for adhering to responsible gaming norms.
  • Technical assistance. For users encountering technical obstacles, such as errors, website loading issues, or compatibility challenges, the support team furnishes diagnostic aid and solutions.
  • General inquiries and information. Queries regarding the platform’s policies, security frameworks, game partnerships, or any additional information poised to amplify the user experience at BC.Game are addressed by the team.
  • Receptive to feedback.BC.Game’s support structure is also receptive to feedback, suggestions, or grievances from the gaming community, mirroring the platform’s dedication to perpetual enhancement and customer contentment.

Privacy of user data

Encryption protocols for data

  • Transaction security. By harnessing avant-garde cryptographic technologies, BC.Game guarantees the inviolability of data exchanges from the player’s device to the platform, ensuring the sanctity of personal and financial particulars across all transactional interactions.
  • Secure dialogues. All forms of communication, including but not limited to support interactions and electronic mail engagements with BC.Game, are enshrouded in encryption, obviating unauthorized ingress and safeguarding the cloister of privacy.

Framework of privacy policy

  • Clarity in directives. With an unequivocal privacy directive, BC.Game outlines the modus operandi for the collection, application, and protection of data, establishing transparency.
  • Empowerment of the user. The platform bestows upon its users the sovereignty over their personal data, enabling them to exercise rights to scrutinize, modify, or solicit the obliteration of their data, in congruence with prevailing privacy laws and BC.Game’s established protocols.

Strategies for account security

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA). BC.Game champions the implementation of 2FA, adding an additional bastion of security to user accounts.
  • Continuous security augmentation. With a vigilant eye, the platform persistently hones its security architectures and methodologies to parry the evolving specter of cyber threats, ensuring the perennial safeguarding of user data.

Compliance and regulatory adherence

  • Adherence to legal standards. BC.Game is committed to compliance with international privacy and data protection edicts, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for constituents within the European Union.
  • Principle of data minimization. Espousing the tenet of data minimization, BC.Game harvests only the data that is quintessential for the provision of its services and the enhancement of user experience, subscribing to a doctrine of accumulating the bare minimum of user data necessary for operational excellence.

Partnership with BC.Game

That would mean forming a collaborative alliance with BC.Game that attracts the whole range of players—game creators, affiliate marketing professionals, content architects, and a good mix of others along with other businesses that populate the gaming and digital currency domains. For ambitious online bettors—BC.Game promotes blockchain technology at the same time, opening new doors of opportunities to partner on cooperative business and mutual development. The following forms in which such partnerships may take place and the potential benefits are:

Collaborative frameworks

  • Game artisans are now teaming up with BC.Game to pioneer cutting-edge gaming experiences or mix those in existence into a platform repertoire.
  • Sign in at the BC Game affiliate system to promote the service at a charge by commissions. This is the most profitable method to the marketers with a large following base on the subject of digital currency and virtual gaming activities.
  • Form pacts with the alliance of the content generators, be it through live streaming, blogging, or social media influence, to craft BC.Game-centric narratives.
  • The technological and service consortia must become parties to cooperative endeavors that amplify the features of the BC.Game platform in terms of transaction processing, security protocols, customer assistance tools, and more.

Initiating a partnership

  1. In contact with BC.Game, preferably reach them through the officially provided channels of communication by BC.Game, either the business email ([email protected]) or their site-based contact form.
  2. Briefly outline the proposal and ask for an appointment or a call that will enable you to discuss the offer in detail.
  3. In your dealing with BC.Game, please put forward your most complete proposition. Be ready for some negotiation that will make it friendly to arrive at terms that promise benefits to both parties.
  4. Now that all the dynamics that would surround the partnership are ironed out and in agreement, it remains to formalize the accord through a contractual agreement.


Can I report suspicious activity or potential security concerns related to BC.Game to the support team?

Yes, BC.Game actively encourages its user base to report any dubious activity or potential security threats as swiftly as possible, thereby aiding in upholding a secure and protected gaming milieu. Such concerns can be communicated through their dedicated customer support conduits, encompassing live chat and email functionalities. When articulating suspicions, it’s imperative to furnish exhaustive details concerning the questionable activity, supplementing your report with pertinent screenshots or documentation wherever feasible.

If I encounter a technical issue on BC.Game, what information should I provide to support for the quickest resolution?

In the event of encountering a technical glitch on BC.Game, the efficiency of the resolution is greatly enhanced by providing a comprehensive account of the problem. This should encapsulate a lucid explanation of the glitch, any error notifications that were exhibited, the specific time and date of the incident, alongside the actions precipitating the issue. Incorporating screenshots or video captures of the problem can significantly aid in its visualization, facilitating a swiffer resolution.

What’s the procedure for disputing a game outcome or transaction on BC.Game?

Regarding the procedure to challenge a game outcome or a transaction on BC.Game, it’s of paramount importance to relay your concerns to their customer support team without delay, enabling a thorough investigation. Your communication should contain a detailed recount of the dispute, pinpointing the exact timing of the occurrence, any transaction identifiers that might be applicable, and, where feasible, supporting screenshots. Engaging with the support team can be achieved via live chat for immediate dialogue or through an elaborated email. The support personnel will then proceed to scrutinize your dispute by consulting game logs and other relevant data, with a commitment to adjudicating the matter equitably.

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